About Us

Mission At HomeCourt, our mission is to create lasting memories for our guests by bringing friends and family together through amazing food and drinks, excellent service, and a fun, casual experience. Vision HomeCourt and its team players will redefine the sports restaurant experience through elevated menu quality, over-the-top service and by making intentional, positive, and lasting contributions to the communities we represent.

Our Priorities

Exemplify Excellence We operate at the highest possible standard by providing next-level hospitality in every task we complete, every dish we prepare, and every smile we deliver. We are a legendary team creating legendary moments. Work as a Team The HomeCourt team is composed of many talented, unique, and valuable players, and while we recognize individual contributions, we operate as a unit. We help one another, we depend on each other, and we work together to bring our mission to life for each and every guest. Teamwork is the hallmark of every championship. Maintain Integrity Honesty and integrity are a vital part of building trust among teammates. As HomeCourt team players, we exemplify integrity so our team can rely on us, we always follow through with our duties, and we are honest and humble, on and off the court. Stay Resilient We play through the bumps in the road, and we persevere as a team, always putting forth our best effort. We aren't afraid to make mistakes, but we never make them twice. Instead, we learn from them, and we move forward. We believe winners fail, but losers quit. Have Fun We find joy in the smiles we bring to our guest's faces, and we find happiness in working together as a team. We show up to work every day with a positive attitude and a smile on our face, ready to have fun with every guest that walks through our door.